Easy but Powerful Ritual To Get a Dream Job

Easy but Powerful Ritual To Get a Dream Job

Powerful Ritual To Get a Dream Job, is powerful spell to get your dream job will help you get that job urgently and fast. If you have no job or recently lost a job, use this ritual and you will get one

Simple but the most effective spell to get your dream job

Powerful spell to get your dream job. This white magic spell is to get a job fast and urgent. It is FREE to use. This simple ritual is especially suitable for those people who have no job and are not able to find one that suits their expectations. Anyway, it can also be used by those who already have one and want to prosper for a better one. If you are in any of the above categories, I recommend this powerful ritual for you.

The necessary materials for this spell to get your dream job include:

  • a photo of the person who wants to get the job
  • three green candles
  • a piece of green cloth, needle and green sewing thread
  • a bay leaf
  • a glass of mineral water or spring
  • a currency of significant value

All these ingredients and are common ingredients. They are easy to find. However, should you find challenges getting any of them, you can contact me so that I can help you find them. Many people find it challenging to get the bay leaf, for example.

How to carry on with this powerful ritual that works

  • You will have to cast this spell in the day and magic hours.

The first thing to do is to

  • put spring or mineral water in the glass that contains the bay leaf.
  • You should then insert the coin you have chosen

taking care that it is not of a very small value. After that,

  • insert your photo too into the glass.
  • Then surround the glass with the three green candles and light them up.
  • Let the three candles be consumed for 21 minutes.


  • say some prayer that you like to ask for your work prosperity.
·         When the 21 minutes have passed, turn off the candles
  • Take the three objects out of the water.
  • Be very careful not to break your photo,
  • place it on top of the green cloth as follows:
    1. first support the bay leaf,


  1. support your photo on the laurel

And finally

  1. Place the coin on top of everything.
  2. Then sew the green cloth as a bag with the green thread.
  3. Take this bag with you everywhere until you find the job you want.

Then, when you have it,

  1. Remember to thank those who asked you to bring it in your prayers and undo the sachet.
  2. Then you can throw it all away in the trash.

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